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Prague Design

Not your typical holiday. Not a workweek either.

Prague Design Campus is a fantastic adventure: intensive workshops and lectures, exclusive office tours, informal meetings with local and international experts, sightseeing and exploring Prague's hidden spots.
And beer. Well, a lot of beer.

17-24 of November, 2019

15 participants

workshops, studio visits, flight tickets, hotel, breakfasts, museums, insurance etc.

1 200€
Either you're looking for new ideas and solutions, a week off from your daily routine or simply for meeting like-minded people — Prague Design Campus has got you covered.

office tours

Designers, art-directors, studio owners are joining Campus to dive into Prague's creative and cultural life. We learn what makes companies great, what problems they're facing and what solutions they're coming up with.

We're getting back home with new ideas and approaches to everyday work. And the most important — we're coming back home with new friends.

The purpose of UX team is to creatively solve our customers' problems and design both service and product solutions going beyond customer expectations. Utilizing world-class UX research helping us understand our customer needs, we design the whole service for real customers. Everything we do is a continuous cycle. The product is never done.
Crafting premium VR & AR experiences for brands and build immersive products. Telling stories through these new immersive mediums and pushing the limits of the possible is our mantra. Our work spreads from product presentations to art installations.
Multinational cybersecurity software company headquartered in Prague that researches and develops computer security software, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

the software design and engineering team that can bring the vision for a stunning digital experience to life
curious minds from Prague that create digital magic for humans.
The Prague IT Hub employs more than 750 people and drives the direction of the digital revolution in healthcare. We support the entire company with our expertise in software engineering, networking, and digital marketing by creating multi-platform applications and mathematical models for sales, research, business analysis, and development of medicine.

Avocode is a design hand-off tool to open, share, inspect and collaborate on Sketch, Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator and Figma designs.
We are specialized in understanding what people and companies need and, by means of direct approach, we identify and provide employers with the people they need for their job openings. You may, therefore, think of us as a Human Resource shop.
and tutors

Designers, CEO's, creative directors — all come from different backgrounds, willing to share their experience and discuss your ideas either in an office during the workshop or with a glass of beer later in the evening.

Petra Moravcová
Product Discovery Design
at Avast
Petr Parkan Janda
Head design director at SinnerSchader
Ales Nesetril
Design Lead at STRV
Jakub Nespor
Senior Designer at STRV
Michal Matyščák
UX Team Manager
Jan Vu Nam
Head of Design at Avocode
get inspired

Prague rocks! Tech giant in the making, fun and fancy gem of Europe. Prague has a strong international influence — between Eastern and Western Europe, it is a real crossroads of cultures.

Prague is buzzing in a good sense — it's busy, positive and attractive.

we provide tickets Kyiv– Prague and Prague–Kyiv as well as transfer from the airport to the city and back
you'll be visiting cultural events — the must-see ones which are at the time

the price includes accommodation for the entire time of the Campus — in 2-bed rooms in a new hotel in the city center
you will receive a mobile card from a Czech operator to stay in touch with the group

you will receive a weekly travel ticket for the subway on the first day of the Campus
We've thoroughly planned a trip, so you'll experience Prague not as a visitor or tourist, but as a true resident.

You'll meet local and international professionals, learn from the best, enjoy the city to the fullest and become a part of Prague's design community.

Flight tickets
every morning you will be served with breakfast and it's included in the price

Transport card
you will receive a health insurance compulsory for international travel

we will end up in new interesting place with local creatives every evening

all good things eventually end, but we will spend the last evening of the Campus together and have lots of fun

The whole group will stay in a modern comfortable boutique hotel (2-bed rooms) in Prague centre just in a few minutes from the Republica Square with a big shopping mall Palladium, Old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter and more.
Questions &
Do I need to know English or Czech language to join Campus?
Prague is English-speaking city, especially with regards to design community. People from all over the world live here and communicate in English. Therefore it is important for you to have a good basic level of English. All the workshops will be held in English too. You don't need to know Czech.
What type of visa do I need?
To fly to Czech Republic, you only need a biometric passport.
What is the departure city on the group?
We depart from Kyiv (airport "Kyiv").
Will the group be accompanied by a manager?
Yes, the group will be accompanied by 2 managers of Projector who will help you to settle on the spot and organize all the processes.
Do I need to take extra money for the trip?
Yes, we cover almost everything that is required on a trip. But you'll organize your leisure activities and daytime/ evening meals to your liking. Therefore depending on your needs, grab another 20–100 euros per day.
Will there be some time to see the city apart from studying?
Yes, lectures and workshops will take 4-6 hours a day. The rest of the time you can spend for whatever you like. Even more, it's a bit weird if you come to Prague and would not visit museums, historical places and famous breweries.
Who would find the Campus useful?
Prague Design Campus will be useful for interdisciplinary designers, creative and art directors, studio owners. This is a great opportunity not only to dive into the global industry, but also to broaden the horizons and get new experience.
Will the entire Campus take place only in Prague?
We will spend one day in Brno — we'll have an office tour to an international company and the opportunity to see the city.
Do I need to bring a laptop?
Yes, you'll need your own computer for the workshops.
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Get tickets

Join our unforgettable trip: Prague Design Campus is an adventure you will remember years ahead.

November, 17 — 24

workshops, studio visits, flight tickets, hotel, breakfasts, museums, insurance etc.

1 200€
Get tickets

Join our unforgettable trip: Prague Design Campus is an adventure you will remember years ahead.

November, 17 — 24

workshops, studio visits, flight tickets, hotel, breakfasts, museums, insurance etc.

1 200€
Campus made by Projector School
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